Hi, I'm Shelby.

I never know what to write in bios. They always feel like a poor representation of me, no matter how long I sit and think on what should be in it. They seriously make me laugh now, being in business over 7 years. My bios used to say things like "I love plants and Grey's Anatomy" (only one of those is true now), or "I am a tea drinker" (that changed when I actually decided I liked coffee, too).

I'll spare you the fun facts and just say that this website is a much-longed for home for my personal art. A home for the work that is most life-giving to me. It is a space to share it with you. The print shop, specifically, takes me back to my roots. I grew up in the country, and it takes me to the days when I would run outside my parent's house after school and take my tiny point-and-shoot camera and just capture whatever I saw in nature. I have been grasping to find a place in the world of photography ever since. I've done it all - weddings, portraits, food, branding, corporate work...

But nature. Photographing His creation is where I started. It has always been where I hoped to end up. I pray that you see His glory in my work. I pray you hang the reflections of creation in your home and never lose the wonder of who He is and all He has created. Creation... Nature... It's His gift to us, His favorite creation.

Additionally, for now, I am offering photography for families, individuals, brands and small gatherings. This includes things like restaurant food shoots, family Christmas card photos, grad photos, small workshops, small business brand shoots etc. Reach out now if this is something you are interested in!

For my husband

Can you dedicate a website/new portion of your business? Well, I am.

This project is for my husband, Cody. Thank you for always encouraging me to dream bigger, reminding me that I am strong and most of all, loving your Creator and pointing me to Him on my worst days. You are my greatest gift.